Tuesday, September 17, 2013

MAC Faux Lipstick

As promised, today I'm going to review my other MAC lipstick purchase from this month. In the past, I've always bought from MAC's collection of Cremesheen or Amplified Creme lipsticks, as they tend to be most people's favourite formulas and I do normally gravitate towards more moisturising lipsticks. This month though, I expanded my collection to include a Matte (Russian Red, see review here) and a Satin lipstick, Faux.
Faux is described by MAC as a Muted Mauve-Pink, which I think is pretty spot on. For Autumn, I really love mauve coloured products, particularly lipsticks and blushes. This shade is a stunning toned-down pink with a definite mauve/lavender hue. I feel like Faux is one of those shades that will look slightly different depending on the wearer's natural lip colour/pigmentation and skintone, so I'd suggest swatching it or trying it on at a MAC counter to really get a feel for how the shade will look on you. 
I know some people find the Satin formula a little drying but I have to admit I am totally in love with the finish of this lipstick. It's creamy and comfortable on the lips as well as being matte and opaque. This shade is also one of the more long-wearing lipsticks I have in my collection. I will definitely be picking up more lipsticks from the Satin range as I am totally impressed with Faux. I've been wearing this lipstick with a taupe smokey eye to compliment the subtle purple tones.
MAC lipsticks increased in price again recently and now retail for £15.00, but let's face it, they can get away with it. I can't see the hype surrounding those sleek black bullets dying down any time soon, can you?

What is your all-time favourite MAC lipstick? What is your preferred finish?
Let me know in the comments!

Holly xo
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  1. Just found your blog and I love it! New follower here, I can't wait to read more of your posts xx

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  2. It looks so great on you! I love the colour! So going to purchase this


  3. this looks gorgeous! would love to try this!


  4. Such a lovely shade! I haven't tried many mac lipsticks but they seem to just cling to my dry lips which is such a shame because the shades are so nice :( xxx


  5. Oh this is a nice color :) I need to check it out at the MAC countr soon.
    xx Stephanie (www.stephaniesstyleblog.com)

  6. You really suit this colour I love it, its so nice for day of night even. May defo purchase.


  7. Such a gorgeous shade and it really suits you too! xx


  8. This is such a gorgeous colour! My all time favourite would have to be Crosswires.

    Hannah x

  9. That is a gorgeous shade and suits you so well! I really need to add more MAC lipsticks to my collection. xx

    Curls & Swirls Beauty Blog

  10. This is a beautiful colour! I haven't come across it before.. It really suits you!


  11. You're stunning love the makeup xx


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