Sunday, March 17, 2013

Emphasise who you are

Denim Shirt: Topshop | Disco Pants: Ebay (Topshop) | Shoes: Primark | Earrings: Topshop 
This was my Saturday outfit. My boyfriend and I went to a little vintage fair in Newcastle. Finding it was a nightmare as I have a terrible sense of direction and got us completely lost (even though I've been to this building twice before for exams). I love denim shirts, I just think they are so easy to style and add a sort of androgenous feel to any outfit. This is a pale acid-wash denim colour, I'm also after a mid-wash coloured one, preferably with proper buttons rather than poppers, so if anyone knows where I can pick up one of these, please let me know in the comments below! I was over the moon when I won these disco pants on ebay a couple of weeks back because I've been dying for a pair like these with a button fastening (as my other ones are just elasticated).
The vintage fair was a little disappointing if I'm honest, I was expecting everything to be super-cheap and maybe find a couple of hidden gems, but everything was actually fairly pricey and I didn't find anything I was really excited about. I did pick up this cute little key necklace though for £4 so at least I didn't leave empty-handed.

Hope you had a nice weekend ladies,
Holly xo

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  1. Beautiful outfit! arghhhhhhh I envy everyone for these shoes! I don't know when I will go to primark the next time but hopefully they will still be there!!!!! I'm literally praying!

    Andrea xx

  2. Gorgeous outfit!

  3. nice outfit!
    xx Stephanie (

  4. the shoes are really nice :-) please check out our new post and feel free to leave a comment xx

  5. gorgeous style, adoring your blog miss!
    would love to see you wearing casper&pearl one day!

    lots of love from the c&p girls,
    casper&pearl blog

    1. Thanks so much! Your collection is beautiful, I would love to wear it one day too!
      Holly xo

  6. Your nails are a gorgeous colour and I love your necklace as well, great style

    A little bit Unique - Blog // Facebook // Bloglovin


  7. Hey Holly :) Love that outfit *.*
    BTW you're french is very good ;)
    xx, Joy ♥


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