Thursday, August 15, 2013

Leopard Print Loving

In the past, I've always shied away from leopard print. I think it can look amazing when done properly but when done wrong.. there is something undeniably tacky about it. Head-to-Toe leopard print is a definite mistake, but one statement piece or an accessory in the print? That can really add something to an outfit. 
I've been dying to get my hands on a decent pair of fashionable trainers for a while now (mostly due to posts like this and this from the likes of JennaBarbara and Charlotte Martin - fellow geordie bloggers). I just love how a pair of trainers are always bang on trend, whilst looking casual and anything but try-hard. 
Now I have been saving up money from countless eBay sales to buy a pair of Adidas Gazelles, and that is still on the agenda, but when I spotted these leopard print lovelies in New Look, I picked them up without a second thought. 
These hidden heel trainers are made of faux suede material for a real luxe feel, and the simple black and leopard print combo makes for a seriously stand-out shoe. As one of my good friends pointed out, these are so not me but I just love them! They are a little out of my comfort zone and I like that. I wore these trainers to work yesterday and I had so many people comment on how much they loved them and wanted to buy them. They look great paired with skinny jeans or disco pants for a boyish/grunge look or with a dress or skirt to add a little androgyny to a more feminine outfit.
These trainers are £19.99 from New Look, though I did get 50% staff discount. I can honestly say I would have bought them for full price though as they stood out to me that much and 20 quid is more than reasonable for a decent pair of trainers! You can buy them online HERE.

A little loud, kind of tacky but definitely my favourite footwear of the month. 

Holly xo

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  1. love it

  2. That's a good use of animal prints, it can often go so very wrong.



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