Thursday, October 24, 2013

Aubrey Boots

Topshop Aubrey Boots - £75.00

I remember the first time I spotted these beauties on a friend's instagram. It was love at first sight. 
I've owned many pairs of black boots over the years, but none that really stood the test of time in terms of fashion and durability. This year I decided I should invest in a really good quality pair of ankle boots that would last and would look great with anything. I knew I wanted them to be black and chunky with a small heel and preferably buckles and when I tried on the Topshop Aubrey boots, I had to have them. 
The gold hardware on these cut-out boots is what really makes them unique. I love how the gold buckles pop against the black leather. They're also pretty comfortable, though they do feel quite heavy on your feet but I did want them chunky! 
The Topshop Aubrey boots look stunning with literally anything - jeans, disco pants or with tights and a tartan skirt which was my chosen pairing when I wore them out the first time. 
The only problem with the Aubrey boots is their availability - they are so hard to track down. I haven't seen them on the website at all yet and my size was sold out in every store I rang - and I rang every store in the North East. However, if you really have your heart set on them like I did, you can try asking a member of staff to order you a pair, which is what I did (and they arrived at the store two days later for me to collect). I also managed to get them during the 20% off for students offer at the beginning of this month so saved myself a lot of money, but with the year-round 10% student discount, you could still pick these up for £67.50!

What do you think of the Aubrey boots?

Holly xo

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  1. oh these look amazing! I'm more of a boots person and therefore love how many of them come out for authmn this year mahahaha I need to go back to now :D thanks holly! I was going to save my money...

    Andrea xx

  2. Wowow! Just love those boots I need them :') <3

  3. love love love the boots.

  4. I love those boots! They are so nice and a mix of femine and tomboy. Topshop do great shoes, i love them :)


  5. OMG! I need those boots!

  6. Those boots are so beautiful!

    Hannah x

  7. hello i want your boots, they're gorgeous !!

  8. I am in love with those boots.

  9. I really love those boots !



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