Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Real Techniques || A Real Bargain!

I couldn't not blog about this because I'm so impressed and pleased with this purchase!
I saw a post by Charissa ( saying that she had found some absolute bargains on an American website called so I thought I would check it out.
I've been dying for some Real Techniques brushes and intended to buy some when I got paid this month (tomorrow), but then I saw them on iHerb and they were so much cheaper than they are in Boots! The core collection (set of 4 brushes) is £21.99 in Boots and only $17.99 on iHerb which works out as £11.87! The powder brush was a lot cheaper too, and with shipping all the way from America, the whole thing only cost me £22.62. I am so chuffed with this, can you tell?
They even sent me a little lollipop, how cute.

Real Techniques core collection: $17.99 at iHerb (£11.82)

Real Techniques powder brush: $9.99 at iHerb (£6.59)
I was a bit wary at first because I don't like buying from websites that I've never heard of, and I've never ordered beauty products from all the way in the US but I am so pleased with this order. I was expecting the shipping to take up to a few weeks but I ordered on Friday and the package arrived today (Wednesday)! You can also track your order online if you use DHL for shipping like I did.
For anyone who wants to order from iHerb, I also received a discount code that can be used by first-time buyers on their first purchase - you get $10 off if you spend over $40 or $5 off if you spend under $40. Here is the code: QCG185 
Welcome to my dressing table..


  1. That brushes kit look amazing !!

    I invite you to participate in my WORLDWIDE GIVEAWAY (due 28th Feb !!)

  2. Aww lucky you! Really jealous I paid full wack for mine! Lovely post tho, Defiantly going to be having a gander on that website to see what else I can get!!

    Pipp xx


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