Friday, May 17, 2013

Everyday Makeup Look

I thought I could show you an everyday makeup look of mine today. I wanted to try out the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation before I buy the full size (which I'm pretty certain I will be doing), so the lady at the counter gave me a couple of samples to try. As it's a very light water-based foundation, I found it was best applied with fingers, as a brush would soak up too much of the product. The only shade that was available as a sample was 30 Beige but I think I will go for the next shade down (20 Beige) as this one is slightly dark for me (though you can't tell from the pictures). And I've decided to embrace being pale! Pale and interesting is the saying isn't it? Ha.
I then used my trusty Collection Lasting Perfection concealer in Light 2 to cover any blemishes and my under-eye circles (which are still visible but it definitely takes the edge off). This concealer is seriously good at hiding blemishes, I've now got my little sister hooked on it too.
I contoured using the Nars Laguna bronzer in the hollows of my cheekbones, across my temples and down the centre of the face. I picked up the Collection Shimmer Shades in 'Way to Glow' after seeing Llymlrs recommend it, and I love it - great value for only around £4 too. I used the peachy pink shade as blush, the greyish brown shade to emphasise my cheekbones more and the white shade as a highlighter along the tops of my cheekbones, under the brow bone and down the centre of the face. I was a little bit disappointed with the highlighting shade as it wasn't very pigmented but maybe it'll grow on me.
On my eyes I added a slick of brown L'Oreal kohl eyeliner and the Lancôme Hypnose mascara (which I must remember to review!). And to finish off I applied the Pixi Tinted Brilliance Balm in Rosy Red, which is my favourite product for a red lip as it's so hydrating and pigmented.

Here's the finished look:
Do you use any of these products? Can you recommend any others?

Holly xo
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  1. The collection shimmer shade palette looks gorgeous! Lovely photos!


  2. Gorgeous! Loving your red lips :)



  3. i always use the lasting perfection concealer as well, love it!

  4. So pretty, you skin looks flawless :-)

  5. hypnose mascara is the best! Love it. I really want to try MAC Zoom lash, and I heard amazing things about the YSL Shocking, even though it is quite pricy.

  6. love the look! really simple and your skin looks gorgeous! xx

  7. please review hpynose mascara, i'm to curious~
    your lashes looks greats :3


  8. great look!
    xx Stephanie (

  9. I own and love this collection 2000 concealer :)
    You look so natural - beautiful :) :)

    '' Think Pink | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog " ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  10. i need your eyelashes please :-( also your red lips look so lovely xxx

  11. beautiful look!


  12. hello there! you look absolutely flawless I'm so jealous! And I love the Lancome hypnose, it's my absolute favourite. I've never tried the other products though, I might should!

    And also hi :) I'm finally back to blogging! You might want to say hi

    Andrea xx

  13. I absolutely love this look and the lipstick.
    Great blog!

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    Enter here

  14. Oh you look so gorgeous! That red lip suits you really well :) xx

  15. such a genuinely natural pretty look, the make up is amazing but it helps to have a great face too hun!
    great post wanna try foundation its looks so well

    really enjoying your blog, Maybe you could pop mine some time.

  16. nice blog!
    What do you think about to follow eachother?
    Stop by me and let me know!


  17. you look beautiful! <3 <3

  18. Thanks so much for the sweet comments girls, really appreciate it <3

  19. That lip colour looks fabulous on you! Never stop wearing bright lips! xx

    Mind taking a second to check out my blog? I love feedback!

    1. Thanks Karlee, I do love a bright lip! Ha, of course I will :) xx

  20. I'm in love with that lipstick!
    And I like your makeup, is so simple but it's chic!

    A loser like me

  21. i love the pixi balm, that colour is gorgeous on you and you have the most lovely eyes.
    hope you're well?
    your newest follower,
    laura xx

  22. you look so damn flawless woman, I envy you


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