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Fashion Taboos You SHOULD Break // Guest Post

I was recently contacted by Sarah Atkinson from London Boutiques who offer a wide range of womenswear brands online such as Victoria Beckham, Acne and Vivienne Westwood. She was interested in writing a guest post for you lovely ladies about Fashion Taboos You Should Break, and I thought that sounded like a great article! So here it is, enjoy!
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There are some fashion rules and taboos we are told never to break, but bending the rules or breaking them completely is sometimes a requirement. Why should we stick to the old ways? Now, almost anything goes. Here are some fashion rules you absolutely should break (some more carefully than others!)

Bags and Shoes Must Match
This rule was a must in the 60’s and was a look rocked by Jackie Kennedy. While co-ordinating bags and shoes (and your belt if you are wearing one) does look amazing for many outfits, you can also look just as fabulous with a statement handbag and different footwear. Mixing up your accessories can make your outfit much more interesting and eye-catching.

Black and Navy or Brown should Never Be Together
OK, you wouldn’t go out in black suit pants and a navy jacket, but it is not difficult to co-ordinate black with navy or brown in your outfit. Its all about using accessories to tie it together. A black jacket over a brown blouse tied together with some jewellery, a scarf, a belt or a bag with the two colours in it looks absolutely amazing when worn correctly. If in doubt, see how the celebrities do it. Have an even balance of the two colours. If you wear a navy dress, match it with navy shoes, but go for black tights and black accessories such as a belt or beads.

No White in Winter
For years, when the cold weather comes around, white clothing has been relegated to the attic until summer comes back. But why? White goes with almost everything in your wardrobe and can often give the illusion that we have a healthy glow. Don’t whip out your white summer dresses though, you’ll be very cold! Choose items that are a bit more relevant to the season, such as a chunky knit, a cosy coat with faux fur trim… You get the idea!

Maxi Dresses Are Only For Summer
It all depends what you put with it. Who says we can’t have the flattering shape or the delicious floral prints injected into our winter wear? Swap sandals for boots and shrugs for a leather jacket or blazer and you have a brand new look suitable for the cold season. London Boutiques have a delicious range of dresses which would look amazing for summer and could be dressed for winter too.

Don’t be afraid of experimenting with the unwritten rules of fashion. If designers didn’t break the rules from time to time, clothes wouldn’t be half as fun!

Which fashion rules have you broken and how did you pull it off?

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  1. This is a lovely post and I agree with you that it's good to break the rules :-)


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