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Inglot Freedom System: My Personalised Palette

As I'm from up North, and the only two Inglot stores in the country are in London (Grafton and Westfield you lucky buggers!), I'd never managed to get my hands on one of their famous freedom system palettes. That is until my recent trip to Gran Canaria, when my boyfriend and I were walking through the local shopping centre and he pointed to a little makeup shop and said 'Don't you want to look in there?' (he knows me too well) and to my delight I realised it was an Inglot store! I squealed a little bit and immediately went in to start swatching it up. Unfortunately this was the last day of the holiday and I had exactly 0 euros left to spend, but my lovely fella offered to treat me to a palette of my choice!

The freedom systems are essentially build-your-own magnetic palettes which come in various sizes and shapes to accommodate eye shadows, blushes, powders and lip colours. Once you've picked the palette you want to fill - like the 5 pan eyeshadow palette that I chose - you pick up a magnetic board and set about picking up whichever pans you want to add to your palette. I had great fun swatching the colours and snapping them onto my board. When I was done, the sales assistant found the colours I had chosen and popped the brand new pans into my chosen palette.

The Inglot eyeshadows come in 5 different finishes - Matte, Pearl, Double Sparkle (DS), AMC and AMC Shine. In my palette I have three of these finishes, and they are all so incredibly pigmented, I think they may be the best performing eyeshadows I've ever owned. The shadows are all buttery soft with immense colour payoff and for only £4.50 per individual pan, I think they are amazing value for money. Also, the bigger the palette you buy, the better value you get for the individual eyeshadow pans. 

The packaging is sturdy and sleek with a powerful magnetic lid fastening that ensures you won't have to worry about making a mess in your makeup bag but can also be opened easily simply by twisting or sliding the lid. The palettes are also very slim so will be ideal for travelling or carrying around on a day-to-day basis.  One tip though - write down the names of the shades you've chosen BEFORE they are inserted into the palette as it is bloody hard work trying to pry them out afterwards! I have seriously dented my eyeshadows with my nails, tweezers, a pen lid and eventually a broken hair clip (the winning tool) as I tried to remove them so I could write this post, I hope you appreciate it haha ;)

Now onto the colours that I chose for my palette!

As you can see, I'm definitely a lover of nude and bronze coloured eyeshadows. Not only are they so wearable and can create looks for day and night, but they are also supposed to be the most flattering shades to compliment blue eyes (like mine) as they are at the opposite side of the colour wheel. 
397 is a Pearl finish so it is slightly more subtle than the other shades in terms of sparkle and pigmentation. It is a beautiful pinky champagne colour which looks stunning all over the lid or as a highlight on the inner corners or under the browbone. I also think this would work well to highlight other areas of the face such as the cheekbones and cupid's bow. 
12 is a copper shade with a hint of pink and as an AMC Shine finish, it packs a serious punch in terms of colour payoff and shimmer. I love shimmer eyeshadows, especially for a night out so I know this will get a lot of wear out of this. 37 is also a Shine finish in a purple brown shade with plenty of shimmer. This works really well through the crease and in the outer corner of the eye, with 12 as an all-over base colour due to their similar pink/purple tones.
457 is the only Double Sparkle (DS) shade in my palette which supposedly means that it contains a lot more glitter for a very sparlky finish, but I must admit there isn't a huge difference between this and the AMC shine shades in the palette, other than that 457 does have more finely milled glitter particles in it. This shade is a cool-toned taupe/brown.
Finally, the first pan that I picked up and snapped onto my magnetic board was 21, which is a stunning golden bronze AMC Shine number. This mixes so well with all of the other colours in the palette as well as a lot of other neutral eyeshadows I own and is the perfect day-to-night shade. 

Overall, I absolutely love my Inglot palette and would definitely recommend getting your hands on one if there is a store where you live, or if you're brave enough to put together a palette online without swatching, buy at

Are there any other Inglot products you would recommend? What shades are in your Inglot palette?

Holly xo

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  1. lovely colors!
    xx Stephanie (

  2. love the colors!
    wanna try inglot too but hard to find here :(


  3. Love the shades! I've been fancying one of these for a while.

    Katie x

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  5. I made my own concealer palette by them and I love it. I got the correctors and then two skin shades. Its definitely worth your money :)

    Amina ∞ Oh Just One More

  6. I've wanted to try the Inglot system for the longest time as all the reviews I've read say that they're amazingly pigmented and major quality for the price you're paying! The palette you built looks amazing and great for everyday use! xx

    Daphne | Peanut Butter and Chocolate Life | bloglovin

    1. And I nominated you for the liebster award so check out my blog! xx

  7. Lovely selection of colours, Just my type! I love your blog!!

    Brittany, xx

  8. I've always been curious about inglot but never actually ventured into making my own palette. I still need to fill my mac palette as well as build a bobbi brown palette, something ive had on my wishlist for so long!

  9. I've been wanting to make my own Inglot palette for a while and this has made me want to do it even more!
    The colours you have chosen are gorgeous.

    Hannah x

  10. Pretty shades - I have wanted to make my own inglot palette for a while x

  11. I love INGLOT, they have such amazing cosmetics! I especially love their nail polishes! Back to eyeshadows - OH MY GOD they are soooo pigmented, totally amazing! Love the pearl one xx

    Justine | BRIGHTON DREAM

  12. I really like your blog so I have nominated you for a liebster award, check out my blog for more information :) xx

  13. Love the shades in that palette!

  14. Nice post...
    May be we can follow each other!!!!
    Keep in touch


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