Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Hey everyone, I've got something a little bit different for you today. I was recently introduced to a website called 'STYLIGHT' which is an online community for fashion lovers like you and me so I wanted to share my experience.
Firstly, creating an account with STYLIGHT could not be simpler - you can sign up using your facebook account or email address, then choose a username and you are ready to go from there! No need to provide your address, phone number, great auntie's dog's name etc etc like some websites ask for, my account was created in seconds and I was ready to explore the website - and it's completely free to sign up.

You can immediately start browsing and 'hearting' products from some incredibly stylish brands, both mens and womens, highstreet and high end, where they will be saved to your profile for you and other members to view. You can also create your own 'looks' which are essentially style collages where you can pin products, your own images from your computer or instagram, music, quotes and videos to create a totally unique and personal 'look' to share with the STYLIGHT community. If your look receives enough hearts from other members, you may even find yourself trending on the front page of the site! It's also fun to browse other members' looks for fashion inspiration. 

A few of the currently trending looks on STYLIGHT ^

Here is the latest look I posted which I named 'Lust List' which includes a collection of products that I found on STYLIGHT that I am now desperately lusting after as well as one of my favourite songs right now (Blurred Lines - Robin Thicke). 
Thanks to this website I now have a slight obsession with Marc Jacobs sunglasses and AX Paris shoes..

One of the best and most unique things about STYLIGHT is that when browsing their selection of products, not only can you 'heart' them and add them to 'looks' - you can also buy them right there and then!  STYLIGHT is linked to the online stores that their products are from so you can purchase clothes, shoes and accessories from various stores with one click of your mouse! 

STYLIGHT also really values bloggers as part of their community and offer us amazing opportunities - just check out the 'Bloggers' section of their 'About Me'.  

To join the growing community and interact with fashion lovers from all over the world, just go to and sign up for free! Don't forget to check out my profile while you're there - hollslucy

Holly xo

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